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Tyremil is first-to-market with a specific process to increase the value of the 20,000,000 waste tyres that are disposed of annually in Australia as landfill or illegally dumped.

It is one of the first company’s in the world to be able to effectively recycle tyres, but it is THE first in the world to do so with zero emission and to output 5 commodity grade materials. These products are:





Tyres can now be turned into premium recycled product.

The tyre recycling industry can be global as no-one is effectively doing what Tyremil is doing.

The Tyremil plant is environmentally friendly with zero emissions and zero real waste.

The only by-product is Ash which can be sequestered and used in cement production.

In addition to its environmental credentials, the tyre recycling plant is self-generating with the SYN Gas produced being fed back to the machine to fuel it.  The gas derived from the tyre recycling process is used to perpetually power the plant.

Benefits of Tyre Recycling

The Recycling Plant